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Microwave Ovens

Brand: Samsung Model: CM1099
The robust Samsung 1100W Light Duty Microwave Oven provides the ideal flexibility for heating and reheating food in small professional kitchens and cafés.Perfect for cafes, bistros and small restaurants, the Samsung CM1099 is an incredibly energy efficient machine for cooking and reheating food fast..
Ex VAT:£280.00
Brand: Samsung Model: CM1089
If you need a professional microwave for occasional cooking, reheating and defrosting, the Samsung CM1089 is a great choice. Designed for everyday light-duty use, the Samsung is simple to use and energy efficient - ideal for front or back-of-house use in cafés, bistros and small restaurants.Inside, ..
Ex VAT:£320.00
Brand: Samsung Model: CM1529
The Samsung CM1519XEU microwave is designed for unrivalled commercial reliability. Whether you're cooking, reheating or defrosting food, the 1500W Samsung makes it fast and easy. One-touch programmable control means fuss-free operation, whilst the robust stainless steel construction means cleaning i..
Ex VAT:£495.00
Brand: Samsung Model: CM1519
Highly durable and ultra effective, the Samsung CM1519XEU manual microwave is ideal for everyday use in the professional kitchen. Built to last, the Samsung is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, which not only makes it incredibly robust - it's also stylish and easy to clean too. Simple dia..
Ex VAT:£535.00
Brand: Samsung Model: CM1919
The Samsung CM1919 commercial microwave has long been one of the most popular additions to the professional kitchen. With its generously sized 26 litre capacity and impressive 1850W of power, it can quickly defrost, reheat and cook large quantities of food at the touch of a button. A great choice fo..
Ex VAT:£579.00
Brand: Samsung Model: CM1919
Samsung have a reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the world's most pioneering technology. The CM1929 is no different. A long-time industry favourite, this microwave has pride of place in professional kitchens across the globe and helps caterers to significantly speed up their service..
Ex VAT:£585.00
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