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Parts Only Warranty

Parts Only Warranty Service Request

Please fill in the form below to request warranty parts for a faulty product. 

All warranty requests will be dealt with in accordance to the terms and conditions of the warranty you received when purchasing the item.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the appliance is used and maintained in accordance to the terms and conditions of the warranty and instructions laid out by the manufacturer

There are many things that are not covered by warranty and where a call is deemed to be non warranty a charge will be raised. 

It is therefore imperative that you consult the instruction manual supplied with your appliance prior to requesting warranty parts, this is to ensure that the fault that you are reporting is covered by the warranty.

The following are just some of the faults not covered under the terms of the warranty:

  • Misuse of the appliance or using the appliance for a purpose other than it has been designed for
  • Ambient / site issues (ambient temperature/humidity/ventilation/positioning)
  • Failure to clean or maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturers instructions
  • Incorrect, or faulty installation
  • Poor or faulty mains services (eg. poor water pressure, hard water, insufficient power supply)
  • Damage to the appliance
  • Blockages and or damage caused by foreign objects
  • Faults caused by poor quality or incorrect detergents/chemicals
  • Failure to comply with the instructions supplied with the product
  • No fault found

Before requesting a warranty part we strongly suggest you carry out your own checks to ensure the fault is with the product itself and covered by the warranty.


If a product has been purchased with a parts only warranty the customer is liable for the costs incurred in diagnosing and rectifying a fault with the appliance within its warranty period.  All requests for parts must be accompanied by a copy of the attending engineers or technicians worksheet detailing the fault and what parts are required.  Only requests for parts diagnosed by a qualified engineer or technician will be processed under warranty.  Upon receipt of this completed form we will contact you to request a copy of the engineers report, upon receipt of the report a proforma invoice will be raised to cover the cost of the spare part, this will be refunded upon return and testing of the faulty component. 

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